Kpop Clothing and Other Korean Fashion Styles

So you want to hear more about Korean fashion? You see, there’s a lot of stuff that’s been going on lately. Last time we talked a lot about brown fashion. I really like neutral and natural colors in my wardrobe.

When I wear brighter colors I usually only do so to add a little bit of pop to my outfit. See, with the Korean style you generally wear something that’s a little understated and darker. It’s pretty cold there most of the year so they have a love of winter coats and those tend to be more neutral, likes black and brown. Those neutral colors work well in fashion because you can mix them with more things. A brown coat is a lot easier to match with something than an orange coat. While this may not be your typical kpop fashion, you can definitely see crazy designs like this in that style too.

Then, you add something that adds some more flair.

Korean Clothes

Korean clothes are a great example of some of my favorite type of fashion. Korean fashion is always very interesting. You can see that from the Korean music videos. The fashion that they wear in all these different music videos is wonderful.

super cute korean top and shorts - gray shirt with black bow

TWICE’s Likey MV has a really great fashion sense. The clothes they wear are really neat. I really like that video because the girls have such pretty tops and blouses. The dress that Nayeon wears while she’s on the bicycle is the bee’s knees. Korean dresses are usually short on the bottom, but don’t show off too much shoulder, unless you’re on the red carpet.

That’s what I like about Korea.

Jihyo’s Fashion and Dresses

jihyo of twice fashion wearing a white dressIn that video, Jihyo is my favorite. She’s the leader of the group. She’s not the oldest, which I recently found out. I was watching a TV show about TWICE and found out that Jihyo has been a trainee for 10 years. I had no idea. It was really cool to see them in their regular clothes and dress outfits and just playing around naturally in their own comfortable environment. Of course, Tzuyu turns out to be a spy in the episode and helped leak pictures of them making derpy faces.

So, back to Jihyo. If I had to pick one out of any of them as my favorite, I would say that she has the cutest personality. This is really cool because this is JYP’s first big girl group. Before that they have had Susie’s old group which is called Miss A. Susie became really famous and now she’s acting and singing it and doing her own thing. But, JYP never had a large girl group like Girls Generation, which has – or had – 9 members.



Jessica’s Style: Starting a Clothing Label

jessica snsd fashion

Girls Generation has lost some members now. Their kpop dresses were always so pretty. Speaking of Korean dresses, Jessica was the first member to leave. She started her own fashion label. It seems like SM entertainment wanted to take up too much of her time with SNSD and she wanted to spend more time on fashion. She’s a great kpop singer, but I can see how it might be hard for her to be taken seriously as a solo act, like Tayeon.

Tayeon has a more mature style and can pull off more serious songs and do the whole solo style thing. Jessica, on the other hand, seems perfectly suited for fashion. She has a great sense of style and seems to be enjoying her new career in kpop clothing. She’s doing dresses, tops, blouses, shoes and all kinds of other Korean fashion for her summer line.

I can’t wait to see it!


So what’s the difference between Kpop fashion and other types of Korean clothing? Well, kpop is short for Korean pop, so naturally it’s a subset of K-fashion. Kpop is a type of music that has it’s roots in the 90s American music, but has taken on a life of it’s own. Kpop artists have very much made their own style and have transcended anything that originally came from its’ roots. Some of the biggest stars today are EXO and Red Velvet. They are both under SM Entertainment, one of the largest in Korea. The fashion that they wear is very trendy and inspires a lot of mimicry. Everyone in the country seems to want to dress like them. IF you want to get started learning how to dress in a kpop style, then either one of them is a good place to look for to start.

Malcom’s Back!

Malcolm welcomes you back to! We were gone a while, but we’re back with your favorite brown fashions. We’ve got UPS men, browncoats, jawas. What do they all have in common? They’re all wearing my favorite color! Whether its a dress, a top, a blouse, or anything else, I think it goes with anything. See the picture below?

So, I wanted to thank you for coming to my website and I hope you enjoy my posts about the styles and colors I like.

There’s all kinds of great fashion that is brown. There’s even this.

how to wear brown fashion

Brown Korean fashion happens to be my favorite. If you go to Seoul, you’ll find that brown is definitely in kpop fashion a lot. There are so many shades! It can be deep like coffee or earthy like soil. If you like that sort of style then you’re going to love our next posts. Use our tag cloud on the sidebar there to get a sense of what we have going on here. If you click on one of the tags it will take you to a page that shows all the articles with that tag in it.